Timeless Watch ™ 

Idea I had years back, then tried to find a mechanical solution, which was too difficult to realize at that time, now very easy. I simply don’t understand why most people (including myself) still use watches with a small hand and big hand or 00:00, it’s not like we are in the dark ages anymore.
The solution is simple, elegant and to the point.
The big hand and the small hand form a triangle.
A triangle made out of light, always moving, always changing with a pitch black background.



Several fireplaces, possibility to buy drinks, food and wood from the lumberjack.
Possibility for customer to build own fire.
Self-service at designated places, payment online via Square/ Stripe until fire is extinguished, then cleaning of fireplaces.


Tasklist meets mindmap

Press random point to add task. Move task to change priority (y-axis), or %-complete (x-axis) (not possible in mockup). Swop screen to view in list-mode.
Add parents, siblings or children in detail mode.

All tasks have an expiration date. When expiration date is reached, user will get informed and task will be archived. Tasks from the archive can be put in new task lists when desired.
When the tasklist app is not used for a while, all open tasks get archived, therefore the app starts with clean sheets.
)) mockup